Peter W. Riffle

The Cloud Chaser is a grass-roots approach to teaching children with learning disabilities. Peter is a person with learning disabilities himself and has more than 40 years of experience in the classroom.

The Cloud Chaser
"Teach with your heart; your subject matter will take care of itself." ~ Peter W. Riffle

Peter W. Riffle has spent more than forty years in the classroom as a special education teacher. He is a nationally recognized educator - receiving the Harrison Sylvester Award from the LDA of America in 2011, Kutztown University Alumni Award for Distinguished Professional Achievement in 2009, a 2006 Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year, the V.F.W. National Teacher of the Year for 2005, the Pennsylvania V.F.W. Teacher of the Year for 2005, and the Disney American Teacher Award Honoree for Special Education in 2000. But more than that, he is also a person with learning disabilities. He knows firsthand what it's like to be challenged on both sides of the desk. His book, The Cloud Chaser, presents a "grass roots" approach for teachers of students with learning disabilities and for parents of special-needs kids.

Review (Peter Flom, PhD)
If you are a teacher in special education, especially if you are relatively new in the field or need some inspiration, this could be a good book for you to read. But, since Peter Riffle is a master teacher, his thoughts are worth reading. His motto is "Teach with your heart. Your subject matter will take care of itself," and the book's contents reflect that motto. In addition, you may catch (or recapture) some of what makes teaching these "special" kids so special and some of what makes teaching such a special career. (Read more)

The Cloud Chaser brings together stories of real students and their challenges and accomplishments, teaching tips that have been tested and perfected, and Riffle's self-reflections on his personal learning disabilities and how he has overcome those obstacles... (Read more)

Kim's Story
This memorable teaching incident confirmed for me the undeniable link between self-confidence and learning. In the late seventies I had a tall young woman named Kim in my tenth-grade English class. Every Friday I would give a twenty-question, matching vocabulary test... (Read more)

Motivational Speaking
"It is my professional opinion that Pete will be the highlight of any function he attends. He has the personality to carry any situation in which he may find himself, and he has never met a stranger." - Dr. C. Jay Hertzog, Dean, Slippery Rock University ... (Find out more / Invite Peter to speak)

Highly Recommended
"It is unfortunate that the world doesn't have more teachers such as Mr. Riffle to guide our youth. He is the epitome of what candidate teachers should aspire to be. I sincerely believe that others would benefit just as much as my classmates and I did, and I would encourage anyone and everyone to host Mr. Riffle as an influential speaker. " (Read more / Invite Peter to speak)

Learn More about Peter Riffle
Peter's resume and list of accomplishments have now been posted online. (Learn more about Peter)

"Mr. Riffle was our daughter Mindy's cloud chaser. He could brighten her darkest moments."
~ Mindy's Mother
"Without Mr. Riffle's help, our son Edward would never have graduated from high school. He is a teacher to be commended and looked up to. He is ourstanding in his field."
~ Edward's Mother
"Rarely does a school administrator meet a teacher who is genuinely a one-of-a-kind educator and essentially irreplaceable. I've been fortunate in meeting someone who meets these criteria. He is Mr. Peter Riffle, an extraordinary special education teacher."
~ Dr. Gerald Achenbach, Ed.D.
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Peter Riffle with Oprah Winfrey

Peter Riffle conversing with Oprah Winfrey after being selected as a Disney American Teacher Award Honoree

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Peter Riffle with Patricia Lillie, president of the LDA of America

The LDA of America recently honored Peter at their national conference in Florida with the prestigous Harrison Sylvester Award. Pictured with Peter is Patricia Lillie, president of the LDA of America.

Peter Riffle with John Furgess and Jo Anne Ott

Receiving the V.F.W. National Teacher of the Year Award from V.F.W. National Commander-in-Chief John Furgess and National Ladies Auxiliary President Jo Anne Ott

Peter Riffle with John Brenner

Receiving the Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year Award from V.F.W. State Commander John Brenner